Extra Cold = Extra Chores!


Happy New Year! 

Here in Missouri, we're enjoying rather frigid temperatures. We woke up to a brisk 0 degrees and have heated up to a whopping 14 degrees! Factor in the windchill and it's downright cold! (Or as my farmer says "It's bone-chillin' cold"!) Along with the cold comes extra chores. The animals need extra nourishment which means feeding more hay to the cattle. The chickens have to be watered throughout the day because their water freezes. The ice has to be chopped on the ponds so the cattle can get to the water. The wood stove has to be stoked more often. The machine shed has to be heated so that the tractor is easier to start. The list goes on an on. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. In fact, I kinda enjoy it. I may be a little strange but there's something very gratifying about working the chores. I don't know what it is, but I find a sense of comfort from the farm work. I guess maybe I'm channeling the pioneer woman in me! I can't help but think of our ancestors and how truly hard they worked in everyday life. Yes, we work hard here on the farm, but nothing compared to the pioneer days. Imagine that Instead of turning on the faucet to get water for the chickens, carrying water from the well or stream (after chopping through the ice!). Not to mention we have the luxury of indoor plumbing for other reasons - brrr, don't you know those trips to the outhouse were miserable in the winter! We do have an outhouse here on the farm, but it doesn't get used much during the winter season!

The evening chores are waiting so I better get bundled up and get to them. So glad this morning I put the leftover ham bone from Christmas on the stove. Nothing better than a big bowl of hot ham & beans with some sweet cornbread for supper on a cold winter's night!